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Learning Something New Everyday

A school should be a comfortable space for kids to start a new chapter in their life. It should offer a home-like atmosphere but at the same time deliver quality education to shape up the child in a holistic way. To provide children with well-rounded personalities, grown in all aspects of life, body, heart and will, we provide enriching learning experiences, focus on grooming and overall personality development.

What We Do?

What differentiates a well-rounded school from a good school? Having a clear purpose, great educational staff and perfect showcase of results are critical hallmarks of well-rounded schools. We are deeply committed to student learning, nourishing each child's moral, intellectual, social and emotional growth. We also motivate all the children under our wing to observe, explore, examine, experiment, analyze, and face issues and find the right solutions. Our staff includes a group of well-qualified teachers who are always ready to share their experience and skills to help kids become industry-ready.

Why Choose My Second Home?

Teachers at MSH want to create an environment where students experience the joy of discoveries, the excitement of personal growth and overcome challenges. We focus on character and values while challenging every student to become a person of ethics. Give your child a proper development, strength of character, and excellence in every dimension of life with My Second Home.


Vision :

*DURING THE PAST YEARS * of the education, books has changed. Generation has changed. Parents and children also both has mirrored and shaped our internal and external lives. They need something new. that’s why it’s challenging.

Approach :

We want to Create all round development of a child’s personality. We target children's of Play to 5th class. Design of the programme to be more intellectual, more creative and more curious. Which create their “True Inner Self". Levels of learning through – Oral, Visual, Creativity, Activity, Physical, Mental.

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