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Why MSH School

MSH is established on a critical objective that education is measured with the development and growth of a child into a true and ideal human being, not just through marks. Traits such as emotional intelligence, generosity, empathy, kindness, curiosity, listening, and respectfulness are apparent in every MSH student. We have teachers who are dedicated, engaged and master in their own respective fields. They aim to offer our students the required skills and knowledge to attain successful adulthood.

At MSH, education continues outside of the classroom through experiential learning and place-based, where kids are encouraged to learn and address real-world issues. Apart from maintaining our academic excellence and career-centric instructions, students engage in various activities and leadership opportunities through sports, fine arts and craft, aerobics & yoga, taekwondo, music & dance class, theatre, junior scientist, and so much more.


We ensure every student finds a place where they belong. In a nurturing yet attentive environment, our teachers push students out of their comfort zones to explore existing interests and discover new passions. Our persistent vision is to challenge and empower all our students to be successful and well-grounded in a highly competitive world. Thus, we believe it’s imperative to make every effort to state our students to the highest expectations to exceed any standards.