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"It does begin with the idea ''how we raise our children'' and now convert into a school, with a believer of transform the kids and education."

Mrs Mamta Yadav, the Principal of My Second Home, has done under graduation in Bachelor of Commerce from Delhi University, then CS (Companies Secretary) from Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Bachelor of Education from MDU Rohtak, and M.A. from the Global Open University in Nagaland along with a PG Diploma in School Leadership & Management.

Her straightforward approach is to take education beyond the four walls of the classroom and textbooks. She embraces the mission of offering a safe, disciplined learning environment that empowers students to react to their full potential. She has won awards like Best Primary School of the year in 2018 and the National Kindergarten Education Award in 2017.

She has also introduced diverse learning objectives, micro lesson plans and activities to ensure each child performs on stage and overcomes the stage fear. She is always searching for unique and new ways to interact with kids and make learning fun.

As she emphatically believes that parents have all the power to nurture happy and well-rounded kids, they need to go hand-in-hand with the school to achieve this primary goal. It’s only the start of that school sow a seed and see children grow like trees. Her dream is to enroll all the parents into the education process through the expansion of positive parenting.

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